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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Chris. How do you do?

I wrote a thesis back in 2008 about evolutionary computation. You can read it here: A Time Series Classifier.

I write lots of code. I really like Lisp. I also really like Clojure and ClojureScript. I like Ruby but not as much. I like C. I can tolerate C++ (it's gotten a lot better over the last decade or two.) C# isn't too bad either. I've used various others as well.

I'm currently working on a new toy project in Common Lisp,, which will provide a unified toolset for a blockchain post-cloud. It's very early right now but I'll keep adding to it. (FYI, the site is broken in Firefox at the moment, but works in literally anything else, I'll fix that at some point, but I'm focused on other stuff currently.)

  • I've got the beginnings of it's web UI source code up on github here.
  • A lot of the Common Lisp code I've got laying around that's defi-related was made to support in some fashion.

    Common Lisp

    I really like Lisp. I've got some open source out there for you to play with.


    I really like Lisp but good luck getting a normal coding job doing it. But Clojure is a pretty good lisp and actually getting popular over the last half-decade or so, so I've been doing that professionally for quite a while now, and I like it quite a bit in general.


    I'm just starting to play with Rust. At the moment all I'm really doing is experimenting with it.

    Unreal Engine and C++

    I've been playing on and off with trying to code various video game projects as I get interested in them. The only one that's recent that's out there to mess with is Realm of Forms a 3D playground for teaching Lua. I haven't touched it in a while at this point but I hope to pick it up later.


    A long time ago I used to really like Ruby. I still think it's a pretty nice little language for it's proper domain but I haven't done much in it in several years.


    I spend too much of my life staring at Emacs. If you do too, you might find my Emacs config inspiring. Or not. It's pretty messy honestly.


    I used to give a lot of tech talks. It's pretty rare these days.